Live Out the Word

Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves – James 1:23

Chelsea went to church every week.  She was active in the youth ministry.  She was involved in the Touch of Love Ministries, an outreach program dedicated to helping the needy.  She was in the church choir and on occasion she led out at the mid-week prayer meetings.  Yes, Chelsea was the epitome of a devout Christian but it was all an illusion.

Chelsea had a secret.  She was living with David.  They were not married.  She knew what the Bible said about fornication but she loved David.  She told herself that in time they will get married and living together would not longer be a problem.  Marriage would change that.  However, she couldn’t ignore the small voice that told her that what she was doing was wrong.

Finally, one day, she had to make a decision.  Either she continued to do what she wanted to do or she did what God said in His Word.  She could continue to live a lie and feel like a hypocrite or do the right thing and be able to live with herself.  After a restless night and much prayer, she arranged to meet David in the park during her lunch break.

She told him what she had decided to do.  Of course, he wasn’t happy.  David wasn’t a Christian so he didn’t see why living together was such a big deal.  Chelsea told him that it was for her because as a Christian she should be living out what was in the Bible.  She told him that she loved him but that she loved Jesus more and wanted to do what was pleasing to Him.  David just couldn’t see things her way and their relationship ended.  He moved out that week.  They never saw each other again.

It took some time for Chelsea to get over David but she knew she had made the right decision although it had been very difficult.

a young couple looking serious


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